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    What is the availability of assistance getting from the subway station to the main athletic stadium (track and field events) during the Olympic Games?  I have difficulty walking long distances.

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    Hello Maggidj,

    It is approximately a 5-minute walk from Sendagaya Station to the North Gate of the National Stadium, the distance is about 400m (0.4km or 0.25mi). The next closest is Shinanomachi Station at about 550m (0.55km or 0.34mi) to the North Gate. Both stations are very accessible having Elevators and Escalators. Wide gently sloped sidewalks with no steps follow roadways all the way to the Stadium, so if you use a wheelchair this will not be an issue. They will have shuttles between venues to assist various people in wheelchairs, those who have difficulty walking, etc. However, route maps have not yet been released and it’s unknown if this will include the local Rail Stations. I hope that helps, and I will try to update you when I hear more details about this.

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    Dear sir,

    I appreciate your quick response to my inquiry.  However, I understand that the track and field events are being held at the Olympic Stadium (not National Stadium).  What is the availability of assistance from the subway to Olympic Stadium?  Sorry for any confusion and thank you for your assistance.

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    Hello again Maggidj,

    I believe I may have confused the situation, the Stadium I mentioned and directions to it are indeed to the correct Stadium. The 2020 Japan Olympic Stadium is sometimes called “National Olympic Stadium” but officially is known as the “New National Stadium (新国立競技場 Shin kokuritsu kyōgijō)” in Japan. Most likely this name was chosen because it is a multi-purpose stadium intending to host many events in the area beyond the initial use for the Olympics.

    I’ve attached an image below from google maps, which I’ve highlighted the Sendagaya route in blue, and Shinanomachi in green. Do not be alarmed that the Stadium is noted as “closed,” this is because it is still under construction and not open to the public currently.

    New National Stadium

    I hope that helps, and again I will try to update you when I hear more details about transportation to/from stations and the stadium. If you have any other questions feel free to ask and we will try to get an answer promptly.

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    I was there yesterday for a news program looking at the route from the station to the stadium!

    Sendagaya is accessible and the path is smooth.  You will be happy to hear that Kokuritsu-kyogijo station on the Oedo line has added elevators (to be completed in March 2020) that are essentially on the stadium grounds!


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