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    Hi. I just wanted to know if Nanzoin Temple and Kawachi Garden in Fukuoka are wheelchair-accessible? Thanks.

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    Will look up some information for you!

    Are you in a power or manual wheelchair?

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    I haven’t been to either, so I did some research.  Please take it with a grain of salt!

    Nanzoin Temple

    I just checked on Google street view and it looks like there is a slope leading up to the reclining Buddha:

    nanzouin entrance

    But that was as far as it showed.  So, I called the temple and not only is there a slope, but also an elevator up to the statue!

    I also asked about the other buildings, and while there are some steps on some paths, you can get to all buildings via different paths (according to the person the phone).

    Kawachi Wisteria Garden

    I tried calling but they didn’t pick up (likely because it is off season).  I looked around and it seems that while there are some hills (at least one of which is steep), there don’t appear to be any steps.  I actually found some pictures of an old-folks home visiting, so it should be possible.

    The ground appears (from photos) to only be earth/gravel, not paved.

    It is also far from any public transportation so it may require you booking an accessible taxi.

    Hope this helps!  Please update this thread after you visit so we can learn from your experiences!

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