Aqua Park Shinagawa accessibility

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    Accessible Japan

    Aqua Park Shinagawa is accessible for wheelchair users via ramps and elevators allowing access to all areas.

    The entrance is on a steep hill so entering via the Shinagawa Prince hotel is recommended.

    There are accessible toilets and roped off wheelchair seating at the dolphin show.

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    Accessible Japan

    Here is a picture of the accessible toilet by the dolphin show wheelchair seating:


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    This place is cool, I stayed at the Hotel here years ago, and besides the easy access to Shinagawa Station, the Aqua Park, Aquarium, and other stuff was a nice bonus!


    Here is a picture from the room, that dome in the middle of the parking lot is the top of the Aqua Park Stadium.


    Picture from inside the Aqua Park, wouldn’t really know that above you was a parking lot!


    Here is a picture of part of the Aquarium located in the same complex. It wasn’t a huge Aquarium, but it was worth the price (which they gave a discount for my Caregiver and myself :D ). All was accessible as well.

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