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    Hello, my name is Tony and I am a disability consultant in the UK and the UAE, I am trying to find either new contacts or possible business partners in Japan ahead of the Paralympics for my online disability awareness training. I currently work with Dubai Police and government and now stated to deliver with partners in India.

    We have been very successful in putting together bespoke courses that are culturally appropriate, low cost and instant impact for any business. I have tried to find information on Japanese businesses, but it has proved to be very difficult.

    Having a high level of staff training in basic disability awareness is the cornerstone for a more inclusive society and is the fastest way to make a difference, please if you can help or sign post me to websites/ contacts I would be most grateful.


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    You should definitely try Mirairo, they offer inclusion training here in Japan.

    Here is their website: https://www.mirairo.co.jp/en/

    Hope that helps.

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