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    I’m interested in staying at a ryokan for an overnight trip to Hakone from Tokyo. Does anyone have experience with the Ashinoko Hanaori or Pax Yoshino? They both have barrier free rooms and Pax Yoshino’s website mentions barrier free access to one of the private baths, but I’m not sure to what extent it’s actually barrier free.

    Does anyone know of any other ryokan with accessible private baths in the area?

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     I actually have plans to go to Pax Yoshino next week. So I can let you know!

    I’m not sure about the other place. However if you have specific questions, I can get in touch with them if you want.



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    Amazing, enjoy your trip and I’ll look forward to hearing about it!

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    Hi again.

    Here is the info for Hakone Pax Yoshino:


    The private bath is usable (likely more so than Ashinoko Hanaori’s) since there is more room to sit and it is made of wood (not stone).  However… the en-suite bath/shower area is not accessible (if you cannot walk)!  I was taken aback.  

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