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    I am an architect from Greece currently living and working in Sweden. I am certified in accessibility in the built environment according to the swedish building regulations. I am planning to visit Japan in the end of February with a scholarship to look into how Japan deals with accessibility in public and private spaces, both for the interior and the exterior environment. My trip will last about four weeks.
    I am searching therefore someone to talk with after my arrival to get some insider thoughts and suggestions on what I should visit either as good or bad example. I will be mainly in Tokyo, but I am planning to travel also a bit towards the South.

    So please contact me if anyone lives there and wishes to talk about what works good and what not when we as architects design the built environment.

    Thank you very much,
    Kind Regards,
    Galini Afentoulidou

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    Hello, how are you doing?


    Do you have anyone in Japan who are you talking to?



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    Hello Galini,

    My name is Mark Bookman, and I’m a visiting researcher at the University of Tokyo/PhD Candidate at the University of Pennsylvania. My work investigates the history of disability policy and movements in Japan.

    I use a motorized wheelchair for most activities, and occasionally consult for the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Education, as well as this site (Accessible Japan) about matters related to global accessibility.

    Admittedly, I’m less familiar with the specifics of architectural codes in Japan than the history behind their promulgation, but I’d be happy to chat with you about my personal and professional experiences in the field.

    You can learn more about me/my work and find my contact information on my website: bookmanresearch.com.


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    Hello and thank you both for your replies!
    Caregiver Japan, no, I don’t have anyone in Japan that I am talking to and this is the reason I reached out here. My project is small and the main goal is to collect examples where I can refer to on my work. It can be either examples to follow, or examples to avoid. Do you work with accessibility as a caregiver?

    Mark thank you very much for your reply. Your work and experience seems very relevant to my work and it seems that it can help me a lot. I watched today your inspiring TEDx speech as well.  I am not necessarily searching the specifics of architectural codes in Japan, I believe I can get the idea by looking how it is done in practice. I appreciate that you are willing to help and share your knowledge with me.
    So if you don’t mind I will contact you by email and we can arrange to meet for chatting when I am in Japan.

    Have a great week!

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    Hello, Galini!

    I am a nurse in Japan and have some friends in wheelchair. Some of whom contribute to develop a APP, wheelog.



    It might be helpful and can see you to guide around Japan when you come :)

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    Caregiver Japan,

    Thank you very much, we can stay in touch then for when I arrive! I would gladly meet you if your time permits.
    As a nurse, do you by chance know  if there is any possibility to contact someone in a hospital or an elderly home and see if I can book a visit and see how they are designed?

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    I am afraid that I can let you come in a hospital. You can go into the big hospital and walk around. If you want to, I can show you around the hospital.

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    Hello Galini,

    My main job is working in a retirement home.  My schedule is a bit tight, but I may be able to show you around if you like.

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    That would be fantastic! I would gladly take a look shortly if time permits you!
    Thank you all guys, I didn’t expect so many replies in so short time. I really appreciate it!

    I will contact you again when the time approaches :)

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    Hello everyone,

    I am now since earlier today in Tokyo.
    Let me know if any of you have some time and possibility in the week to meet and chat a bit.
    With the current situation of the corona virus I am not sure how everything works, but let me know in any case.

    Thank you in advance,

    Galini Afentoulidou

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