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    Today I got to meet the accessibility director at Shinjuku Gyoen and heard some news about the latest changes at the park.

    First of all, the toilets up until this point did not have backrests an were rather difficult to use for many people but over the past year, they have added backrests!


    The more exciting news is to changes to the Old Imperial Rest House.  Up until now the park has not been able to alter the building for a ramp as it is a protected historic site.  There were stairs only at the entrance.


    It was sort of left like that until the new guy in charge, who had worked at the subway and knew about portable ramps researched heavy-duty long ramps and imported some from the States.  It was so exciting to go inside for the first time!


    Due to narrow doorways it is not possible to access the entire route, but a fair bit is now accessible to many more people.

    The ramps will be set up upon request starting November 2019 after staff safety training.

    Sometimes, simple is best.

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